Pop Over

Hi, I have problem with PopUp plugin. I dont know if im doing something wrong but plugin is not showing anything. You can check it out on testing account *edited*. Thank you

  • Kimberly

    Hey there!

    In the future it might be wise to refrain from posting login information :slight_smile: the fourms are public so you don't want to have everyone getting access to your site.

    The issue with your pop over was that you had two contradictory rules.

    The way the popover works is that the rules must ALL be met for the popover to show. This means that you had a rule: For the popover to show your users must be logged in and not logged in, which is not possible :slight_smile: so nothing showed.

    I've removed one of the rules, so it will show now, you should double check your future rules to ensure they do not contradict. You can use the statement above to help you, just insert the rules you have selected in place of logged in/not logged in and if it makes sense then it should work :slight_smile:



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