Pop Over Drag & drop functionality is not working?


I tried to activate some addons and now wanted to create new Pop Over. But Drag & Drop does not work for me. I cant "drop" a condition, it seems not to work on my Mac (newest chrome browser).

Does anyone else have this issue, or know hao to fix it?


  • Alexander

    Hi @julius_miribung,

    It's working for me on OS X / Chrome (latest)

    Issues like this are often related to a jQuery UI conflict. Sometimes the active theme is responsible.

    Can you please test for a plugin and theme conflict? You can do this by switching to the default theme (TwentyThirteen) and deactivating all your plugins. After this, test the issue as see if anything is different. If it's working, try changing your theme back and testing again. If at this point it's broken, we know it's a theme conflict. If not, start reactivating your plugins and testing as you go along, once it stops working you'll be able to know which plugin is causing a conflict. Once a conflict is identified, we can look into a specific solution for it.

    Best regards,

  • Julius

    Hey Alexander,

    now I deactivated ALL plugins and swiched theme to Twenty Thirteen,
    then I tried with Chrome and Mozilla and it did not work.

    But I found a related topic a user who said it worked after he deactivated "Ad Block", I tried that and it worked for me too :slight_smile:

    After deactivating "AdBlock"extension in Chrome,
    the plugin runs perfectly with Pagelines DMS + 30 plugins or so :slight_smile:

    This plugin is a GREAT help for me, really happy for the fresh updates and new "Add ONs", especially the "exit pop up" function.


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