Pop Over Only Working from MU-Plugins

Can anyone replicate the following issue?

ENVIRONMENT: WP(MS) v.3.01, Pop Over v.2.0, Supporter v.2.2.2

GOAL: To run The Pop Over plugin on blog by blog basis and only allow access to plugin settings on sites where it is activated by admin.

STEPS: Comment out po_global. Install into mu-plugins and Pop Over functions normally but does not meet goal of access only on select sites. Install in plugins folder and select “none” via Supporter Premium Plugins tab and plugin breaks as follows…

ERROR: When activated on any blog by Admin from plugins folder, layout and functionality of plugin admin screen breaks. “Drop Here” box disappears and Rules are no longer available for dragging and dropping. They become listed below other plugin functions. Screenshot available upon request.

Just trying to determine if I need to track down some plugin conflict. Any suggestions appreciated.