Pop-Over Rules Issue or Clarification Required

I've got issue(s) with the latest pop-over update that I haven't found addressed elsewhere:

1. The option "Visit Not Via Internal Link" does not seem to be working. I can get the pop-up to display with the Visit via Search Engine option, but if I add the external link rule, no pop-over.

**Are the rules read as AND or OR? I mean, if there are three rules, must they ALL be met for the pop-over to show? Or, will it show if ANY of the three rules are met. This is unclear in the docs.

2. Installing in the plugins directory, as recommended, does not work. When installed in plugins, the Pop-Over admin page is all whacked like the plugin can't find it's styles, although the includes folder is in the right place. When installed in mu-plugins, it does seem to work fine, except for the issue above.

Pop-Over 3.0
WPMS 3.04
// define('PO_GLOBAL',true); [commented out]
- visit via search
- visit not via internal
- popover shown less than 3x

Test plugin reports the following*:

Your active theme (WPMU Nelo):
    - Has the call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> but it is not called directly before </body>

*Which file(s) need to be fixed to address this?

I have tested thoroughly to confirm this behavior by changing settings and visiting site in different browser, after clearing cache and removing all cookies. Haven't included a link because I continue to test so results may be unexpected. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

  • DavidM

    Hello jcnjr,

    Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry for the response time on this one! I've been working on various configurations of the plugin with mixed results so I've really been trying to narrow everything down. Oddly, I installed the plugin directly from the zip file into a clean Wordpress setup and it worked perfectly.

    Installing the zip directly into a clean Wordpress multisite setup gave the styling errors you'd mentioned. And installing the plugin in mu-plugins with define('PO_GLOBAL',true); uncommented gave the same styling erors. Yet installing in the mu-plugins with a commented // define('PO_GLOBAL',true); seems to work perfectly.

    Needless to say, I'll see if I can get one of the developers to take a look into it and again, thanks for your feedback, and patience as well!


  • jcnjr

    installing in the mu-plugins with a commented // define('PO_GLOBAL',true); seems to work perfectly.

    Thank you for checking in. I've got the plugin functioning this way too, except for the failure to pop-up when visiting via an external link, like I mentioned above.

    Any chance someone might be able to answer my question about all rules or any rules needing to be met for the pop-over to function?

    Thanks again!

  • jcnjr

    ALL rules - it's an AND

    Thank you!

    Maybe this will help someone troubleshoot our issue ... with rules set to via search and ? 3 popups shown, the popover will display. If, however, the external link rule is added, the popover does not show. Which is interesting since a visit via search is from an external link.

    If anyone cares to test, check these links...

    RULES: Visit via Search, Visit not via internal, Popover Shown < 3x.

    RULES: Visit via Search, Popover Shown < 3x.

    Thaks again for all the hard work!

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