Pop Up! not auto-centering, or using tags

Hey all,

I’m starting out with Pop Up! and hitting a wall. The box and text appear, but the visual text editor strips out <p> tags, so I get one long paragraph, rather than the 3 short ones I wrote. It also has no options for adjusting padding, so I’ve done that separately by CSS.

The biggest problem, though, is that nothing I seem to to auto-centers the box. I’ve tried setting all margins to “auto,” toggling on and off using Javascript to auto-center and -size the box, and even nixed all settings but the Javascript button. It’s clear the left and top settings work, but that does me little good, because the box doesn’t behave responsively—and without auto-centering, it’s going to look weird and out of place on any screen but mine.

Please advise. :slight_smile:

Page in use: http://www.dredgecycle.com/popover/

Screenshot below.