Pop Up only works when set for logged in users


I had the plugin set to show for logged in users for testing. Just tried to make it live by changing it to show for logged out users but nothing shows. I have tried a few of the other display conditions and none seem to work. Only works for logged in users.

Please can you take a look and advise? This is quite urgent as the pop up is for a competition that is only on for a few days.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jon,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Is the popup in question the "Join our mailing list for the chance to win" popup? The one with a nice bottle of wine in a wooden box?

    I can see it and it shows up for me. This leads me to the point that it's either one or both of following issues:

    1. Previously you had it set to be shown to logged in users only and than worked. Now as you set it to be shown to the logged out users and you are testing it with the same browser, then - depending on other settings - there may be a cookie saved that's preventing site from showing popup to you again. It's unlikely and shouldn't be happening but there's a chance that some other plugin's preventing how WP cookies work on your site.

    2. This is a most likely reason: try clearing both on-site cache (if there's any caching tool/plugin installed) and make sure that you cleared your browser cache before AND after logging out of the site; then give it another try

    Let me know if it helped, please!

    Best regards,