Pop up! plugin showing immediately despite on click add on

I added the "on click" add on to my pop up plugin so that when someone goes to the website and clicks a certain link, the pop up appears. My hope was that it would not show up by itself, and only when its corresponding link is clicked. But now when I go to that page, after it loads, the pop up shows in the bottom left hand corner for a second, then goes away.

At the bottom of the plugin's editing page, it's set to show up immediately, and when I change it to another time, the random pop up still shows up, although delayed; also, when I click the corresponding link, it's also delayed, which I don't want. I would like the pop up to display immediately, but only when its link is clicked.

It appears the "on click" add on does not override the regular settings, either that, or maybe I'm doing something else wrong. If anyone can give me some pointers that would be great.