Pop up pro plug in add on to increase performance

Hey guys, love what you do. I had a couple of questions about additions to pop up pro. I was curious about the ability for it to be a exit strategy pop up ( where the plug in sees the site visitor is making actions to exit the site and this triggers the pop up )
Additionally ,(and most importantly) what about the ability to customize the "never see this again link" such as on the mentioned site above. Where perhaps , we wanted to set the pop up for a dog grooming coupon , My CTA would direct them to the landing page. But if i wanted to customize the never see this again link to something like say "No, i don't want to pamper my pet." I know from Industry experience this would turn an already awesome plug in to the most powerful WP pop up plug in today. i understand this is not a true support issue, but i was unaware on how to send you guys this info. I appreciate all you guys do.

Sincerely Shawn Long