Pop-Up Pro - Pop up really slow to load on site

Hi there

I have a pop-up on the site undertheradar.network that is really slow to load - it isn't showing for a good 10 seconds or so after the page loads (it is set to 1 second delay).

This delay is only an issue the first time you access the site - if you refresh the site once the pop up form has loaded, it loads as it should on subsequent visits.

I would really appreciate some assistance to figure out why the delay is happening.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Meg,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I checked the site and to me it looks like it was partially related to the cache. I was able to notice that behavior: first load was indeed slow (the entire site loaded a bit slowly, probably due to the video background) and the popup was delayed; next loads were much faster and popup worked as expected.

    Once I cleared cache on your site and cleared my browser cache, the same exactly happend: first load was slow and next loads were much faster.

    I think that there are two issues worth checking then:

    1) It would be good if you could temporarily disable cache, then clear browser cache and see if popup behaves consistently (even if it's slowed down)

    2) I noticed that on a "PopUp -> Settings" page the PopUp Loading Method is set to "WordPress AJAX". I think that changing that to "Page footer" may speed popup loading up so it's worth testing; you would want however double-check if your form is working fine with it too (though it should if it works with current setting).

    The second step should either solve the issue or together with the first one give us some clue on what maybe happening on the site.

    Let me know about results, please.

    Best regards,

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