Pop Up! Spanish Translation by ElPino for wpmudev

Hi WPMUDEV members,

Greetings guys!! hope everyone had a nice easter weekend, or spring break, lets continue with my Spanish translation of the plugins, here the Spanish translation for Pop Up! plugin, bellow you will find a step by step guide how to install it guaranty to work!, well if you any problems just ask here, you you can ask in Spanish; ill help you, i speak Spanish! anyway, I've been working on translating most of WPMU plugins to Spanish my native language, this is No.7 one to add to the community, a gift to WPMU community, only available via the forum, i have install it and tested it in three sites, this is in Latino American neutral Spanish hope you like it, enjoy :wink:

P.S. if you find any errors, please report via here so i can update and re-up it


Step 1: Download the Spanish translated files from this link http://bit.ly/Z2CdfM this for Pop Up! Plugin

Step 2: via ftp (if your WordPress is in Spanish skip this step), go to your WordPress installation and edit wp-config.php file, search for the line ('WPLANG', '') and replace it with ('WPLANG', 'es_ES')

Step 3: go to folder /wp-content/plugins/popover/popoverincludes/languages and here you want to either delete the original English file or rename it to BAKpopover.po

Step 4: upload the files provided on the zip file popover-es_ES.mo and popover-es_ES.po, that's it you are done.


Note: this steps are assumes you have WordPress install and the mention plugin.