Pop Up version 4.4.5 beta

Hi all

This version of the Pop Up plugin introduces an experimental Pop Up loading method that I have been playing with recently.

In previous versions of the plugin I moved the Pop Up loading to use an external ajax loading method, this meant that the plugin would work with caching plugins, but introduced some other issues as the ajax was called using the standard WordPress ajax interface on the admin side of the system.

In version 4.4.4 (just released) I added back in the option of using the older version of building the Pop Up on the front end of the site, but unfortunately whilst that fixes a lot of problems, it doesn't play nicely with caching plugins :slight_frown:

This beta release for version 4.4.5 adds in another new method of Pop Up loading that attempts to resolve both of these issues.

This is currently an experimental implementation, and whilst it is working on my test sites it would be great if anyone with a development site (or site they experiment on) could report back on any issues with it.

To activate this method -
1. Upgrade to this version of the plugin
2. Go to Pop Over -> Settings and select "Custom Load (experimental)" and save the settings.
3. Use the plugin as before.

Thanks for your time everyone, it's taken a while to get this out :slight_frown: