Pop Up: Wildcards in URLs possible?

With the “On specific URL” condition: Is there a way to specify wildcards?

Intended Usage: The website contains postings of events. Alle postings of December 2012 belong to a certain event. Now I want the Pop Up only for these postings (at least 50). How can I accomplish that without having to copy all 50 URLs in the “On specific URL” condition?

With a wildcard option it would look sth like http://mydomain.com/2012/10/*

Also: The event is translated into four other languages. For these I want the Pop Up in the respective language. Again: With the “On specific URL” condition I can do that, but I have to copy another 50 URLs per language into the Condition …

With a wildcard option for e.g. German language it would look sth like http://mydomain.com/de/2012/10/*

Alternatively I could imagine to have a new type of condition: “On specific category” – where the Pop Up shows up, if there it is on a post of a certain category … but I assume the pop up check is outside the loop – so on pages with a single post the category is not known to the pop up plugin …

Any idea how I can proceed from here?

Thank you!!!

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