PopOver (popup) multiple rules?

I am really needing this plugin to be able to activate "multiple rules". For example, I want "Content A" to show up for logged in users, "Content B" to show up for new visitors, "Content C" to show up for Referrer A and "Content D" to show up for Referrer B. Can this please be added to the plugin? I have been looking for MONTHS and there is nothing out there that offers this, so it would be a GREAT addition to the plugin. Thanks!

  • Mark de Scande
    • Syntax Hero

    Cool Idea but it wont work :slight_frown:

    I have tested this plug over and over again i will only work with one rule.

    As soon as you add more rules then the pop over just dont show.

    Please also have a look at this post If your trying to run in a net work setup

    Sorry for the bad news but the good news is that it work well as i can see a lot of users clicking the banners i have added to it on BlogLines.co.za

    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I'm no plugin developer but couldn't you just make duplicates of the plugin data, each with a different name, and have four occurrences active at the same time? One occurrence for each rule.

    You could probably find a WP plugins for dummies that could explain the basics of naming and required info and then just name the additional plugins popover2, popover3, and popoever4.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Yeah, it would be possible by renaming all the needed elements in the plugin code, but it really is a serious undertaking, as you'd have to change class names, database references, etc.

    At this point, the plugin isn't really designed to work with multiple popovers as such, but it's a great idea and I can't seem to find a formal request made on it, if you'd like to post one!


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