Popular or Most Viewed Posts, what am I doing wrong?

@andrew - in this earlier thread

You suggested making a couple of edits to get the most popular posts by page view/hit to show in the recent global posts widget:
(1) changing the 0 to 1 in post-indexer plugin here: $post_indexer_enable_hit_tracking = '0'; //Either '1' or '0' - resource heavy

and (2) changing the query in the recent global posts widget to ORDER BY post_hits DESC

I've done both but the widget isn't displaying the results. I clicked on a bunch of posts myself to test this. Have there been any changes in either plugin since you posted those instructions last June? Or can you think of any reason or anything else I need to enable/check?

I know you guys are working on a plugin to do this right now and I'm eagerly anticipating it's release.