Popular Post Widgets - no Data and other problems using Panino

Hi there,

I am currently trying to set up a Panino theme for WP and I am having problems displaying any Popular Post Widgets in a custom sidebar area that I have created in the upfront editor.
If I swap to a regular WP theme the plugins work. So it seems there is an issue with Panino/Upfront.

I have tried quite a few plugins but focusing on my two favourites:

Wordpress Most Popular Posts:
The plugin will show data available when going to the settings in the backend but will only display 'no data available' when trying to display the website.

Top 10:
It displays the popular posts but I have no chance to change the layout and disable the thumbnail and all I want is the Headline of the post.

I couldn't find anythying on the forum, which I find a little surpising since I would think this i pretty much a standard idea to use popular post widgets.