Popular Posts Back To Top Of Live Stream

Hi @paul - when a new Blog post is written it obviously appears at the top of the Live Stream, and then loses position as new posts are made.

To increase readership and keep popular posts viewable for longer would it be better to move blog posts back to the top of the live stream when a new comment is made?

Just thinking... For my site anyway this would be very good. Maybe a configurable option within the admin page?


  • Paul

    @godrob, You have two options on Live Stream for display of items. First is the rotating option. This will initially load X number of items (Posts and/or Comment) then just rotate then. The second option is to read the latest items and don't rotate. Instead of polling AJAX calls are made back to the server to capture new actions. These new items are prepended to the top of the list.

    Again, I think you are attempting to combine the Posts and Comments into a single entity. Meaning a comment action on a post would trigger some action for that post. This was not the intention of the plugin.

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