PopUp appearing when user clicks on text or image

Using PopUp. I need the popup to appear when the user clicks on an image or text (either one). I have checked other answers to this and just can't get it. I don't know enough java script or CSS... I have a popup happening when a page opens, that's great! But that's not what I need. Specifically - if I have a short line of text on a page, if I make it a link (or button) - how do I have a pop up activated?
- Joseph
ps - I'm considering upgrading

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Joseph,

    Hope you're doing well today! Thanks for your reply.

    You put in whatever class or ID you place in the link :slight_smile: so for your example, a text link.

    It would look like this:

    <a href="#" id="click-me" >Click here</a>

    Then in the ".class or #id" field you will place "#click-me". Now when you click that link, since it was the id="click-me" it will trigger the pop up. You can place that in several different links if you want. Or you can create new ones for others.

    Using "#" in the href= just ensures that you don't actually leave the page. It will just keep you in the same spot and the Pop up will come up.

    Hope this helps Joseph! Let us know if you need any further assistance here.

    All the best,


    PS. Just noticed you are considering upgrading :slight_smile: glad to hear it! I see you provide some web design services - if your clients ever need a membership based site or an educational course based site then we got you covered there: Protected Content and CoursePress Pro.

    Or if you wanted to setup your own pay to blog style network with Multisite then Pro Sites is designed for that :slight_smile:

    Appointments+ can be used with Popup Pro so you can display the booking table inside the Popup!

    We also have a brand new theme framework that will be released soon. Been in the works for almost 2 years now - you can try out the beta here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/upfront-theme-platform-beta-v3#post-803803

  • Joseph
    • New Recruit

    Tyler - thanks so much for your reply! I have one problem left. I got one popup on one page (text link) working fine. Perfect. Now I need 4 or 5 other popups on the same page, from other text links, and I'm not sure which text to change. I try another and I get the same popup. When you say:

    "Or you can create new ones for others."

    This is what I need. More Popups on the same page! I've tried many variations. What exactly do I change when I "create a new one"?

    The link to the page in question is:

    Instead of guessing here, I'll eagerly await your answer!

    Thanks very much!

    - Joseph

  • Joseph
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    Drat! I had it now I lost it! Can't get the popup to popup when user clicks on text. in the link on the page where the popup should appear I have:

    Click here

    In the popup editor, Behavior, I have:

    Where it says
    Appear when user clicks on a CSS selector
    I have:

    "#click-me" Repeated

    I did something wrong, lost it... then to have more on the same page I'm not sure how to alter a link (as in my previous post).

    The offending page is:


    From the last message Tyler sent I almost had it!

    Can someone help?

    Thanks, Joseph

  • Ronald
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hello Support! I have purchased Popup Pro couple of hours ago and have the same issue like Joseph. I was thinking of creating a new post but I thought that it would be better if I continue this thread instead. Just let me know if I need to remove this post and create a new one.

    I have followed Tyler's advise but the thing is , when I update the page in wordpress, the whole page goes white and blank so I need to click the back button of my browser to access my dashboard. If i edit the code and remove this:
    The page doesn't go white and blank. I use href="#" to keep the page from its current location.

    I am developing my site locally and it is not live yet. All i want to do is put a phrase "Terms & Condition" below a particular page and when the user clicks the phrase, it will show your popup menu and displays the legal disclaimer.

    Please help me because I am going insane and couldn't figure out the mistake I am doing on my codes.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi @Ronald,

    Thanks for posting in this thread, however it might be best if you open your own, even if the issues seem closely related. That way it will remain independent of this one and ensure it doesn't confuse issues here if this thread needs reopening again by the author.

    It also means the member who started this thread or anyone following it isn't inundated with post notifications each time we respond to each other. A lengthy thread could annoy the original poster.
    This also allows us to better track and answer your questions to ensure we don't miss any for you.

    You can link this thread in yours so we could see what solution you have already tried.

    You can start a new thread here:

    Best regards,

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