PopUp Data not Saving on Multisite

Dear WPMU DEV Support,

i closed the last thread but now we have the same problem again.
We installed a fresh Multisite Wordpress Blog and installed our theme.

Now, when we activate you PopUp Pro Plug-In, everything works just fine.
If we then enable more than 3 other Plug-Ins (no matter wich), we cant save any PopUps anymore. We can still edit the Settings, but whenever we try to edit a PopUp, it saves nothing to the Database.

We testet it with disabeling all Plug-Ins, wich may also write at the Database, but it always breaks when we activate a few.

Would you please take a look at our configurations?
The Support Access is enabeled.

Thank you in advance.
Yours sincerely,

Jonas Wondratschek