Popup keeps popping, does not expire or stops coming back

Hi ,

I installed popup pro and my LIFETIME popup keeps popping! Even if I select Close button acts as "Never see this message again" link the pop up keeps popping.

I am thinking its because of the hummingbird caching features so I deactivated them. Still pops all the time. I clear my browser cache...still pops all the time...I deactivated the pop up plugin..still pops all the time...I deleted the pop-up plugin...still pops all the time....

I really need your help..its driving my customers insane and affecting sales.



  • Ash

    Hello Gabriel

    I have just checked your site and didn't see any popup. If you delete the plugin and still see the popup, then it's your local browser cache - I guess it's chrome.

    Please check in incognito mode and let us know. If you still see the popup, please post a screenshot. Besides, would you please enable support access so that I can check? Please follow this article to enable support access: https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/getting-started/getting-support/#chapter-5

    Have a nice day!


  • Gabriel

    Hi Ash,

    Thanks for the quick reply. A few things:

    1 - I think I figured out why its was all over the place….pop-up and hustle was activated and hustle took the pop-ups from pop-ups pro and it was duplicating the pop-ups all-over the place

    2- I deleted pop-up pro and deleted the 2 imported pop-ups in hustle and it stopped showing pop-ups. Now I created a brand new pop-up form hustle and it showed when going on the site and once I clicked on it it didn’t show as I was browsing (exactly what I want)…logically it should do that for X amount of days and then start again…right?

    3- I did NOT reactivated the caching features of hummingbird yet as I think it might have been related to my issues as well…should I try reactivating them or not? Is there any settings we should do first or a piece of code to prevent caching popups?

    4 - I would love to grant you access from my WPMU dashboard but everytime I click on grant access it brings me back to my login page wp-admin…help?

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