Popup not positioning, no border, no close button

First off let me thank you guys for running such an amazing service.. I came here for this plugin alone but I ended up taking the entire membership because of how amazing of a service you guys run here, so first and foremost thank you for that.

Now as I mentioned I came here for this plugin alone and of course I’m just assuming everyone’s development experience is the same as I mine in which absolultely nothing works perfectly on the first try.. This plugin is no exception, but like I said after 10 years of doing this I just expect this kind of thing.

So you can head over to http://www.drrosebackman.com and see the popup in action. Although if you actually want to see it you’ll have to scroll to the very bottom of the page. You’ll notice that it’s obviously not ‘popping up’ or popping over, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. Not only that but there’s no nice pretty border around with with a cute little X to close it.

I haven’t modified the plugin in any way, I’ve tried this on multiple themes, I’ve disabled all minify and caching plugins. Please help!