PopUp Pro - Abnormally High Resource Consumption

On the website I manage, I regularly use the P3 Profiler product to measure the runtime of each of my active plugins and while I love the functionality of PopUp Pro, it appears to be taking 1.3-1.4 seconds which is 44% of my total runtime. I take this hit on the entire site, even though I am only running 1 popup.

1.) Can you please advise if there is something I may be doing in the configuration that causes such a hefty load?
2.) If not, are you aware of this issue and if so, do you have a timetable for resolution?
3.) If not, do you have any tricks, workarounds or suggestions on how I can reduce the runtime of your plugin in the meantime?

Thank You. I look forward to your reply.

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Michael, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    One thing I'm curious about would be the loading method, what do you have it set to presently? And have you tried changing it?

    Another point of curiosity: have you tried having only PopUp Pro & P3 Profiler active, and trying another test? What are the results then? What if in the midst of this, you also had a default theme enabled, does that make a difference as well?

    If changing the loading method doesn't make a difference, and disabling the plugins & switching the theme doesn't work, could you then enable Support Access to your site please, so that I can have a closer look at how you've got things set up here?


    Please advise,

  • Michael
    • New Recruit

    Here is my loading method:
    Visitor is not logged in, Popover is shown less than 3 times, Visit is not from an internal link, Visit is from a specific country: USA.

    I haven't yet had the opportunity to try multiple plugin variations, but I will give that shot later. I will specifically be trying the PopUp/P3 combo to see what that nets me.

  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Michael! :slight_smile:

    I should've specified earlier that when I referred to the loading method, I was referring to the "Load PopUp using" setting inside of:

    PopUp -> Settings

    Testing a popup set up the way you had laid out though, and using the "WordPress AJAX" loading method, I found that PopUp Pro took roughly 0.4 seconds (as shown in the screenshot below). I used the Twenty Fifteen theme in my testing, and I only had PopUp Pro, P3 Profiler & our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin active.

    Interested to see what your testing results in. :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Michael
    • New Recruit

    I'm using "WordPress AJAX." I'm going to try replicating your plugin setup, I will disable all the plugins I can (I'm using WP Engine and some plugins I can't control) and give it a shot then come back and share my results.

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