PopUp Pro and/or Hustle Opt-In Popup on Upfront Fixer Button click

I'm trying to achieve something rather simple :
- To have my "S'ABONNER" Button on the bottom of my home page to open up either :
a. a "Hustle Opt-In Popup" -- OR -- b. a "PopUp Pro popup" (including the hustle opt-in)

I read multiple answers referring to CSS IDs for the button and such, but I can't figure out how to make it work with the built-in buttons from the "Upfront Fixer Theme".

As you'll understand, I'm running PopUp Pro + Hustle + Upfront (Fixer).
website url is support.vincentsolution.ca

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Vincent Solutions Support,

    in order to make a PopUp display on click, you should first enable the JavaScript Events in PopUp -> Settings -> Available Conditions

    and then in single PopUp edit screen, use the class or the ID of the button you want to trigger the PopUp.

    Hope that helps, feel free to post back here if more assistance is required! :slight_smile:
    Warm regards,

  • Vincent Solutions Support

    I'm new to this, so this might be a "noob question" but, how to set the ID ? Is it in the Upfront Element Editor in Advanced Settings where I set the Anchor ID? Cause I've tried that, without success.
    I was able to use the .upfront_cta class but it applies to many of my buttons.. I only want to use it for one of them.
    Regardless, while opening the PopUp with the .upfront_cta, I opened the popup, but the Hustle Opt-In (in shortcode version, in the popup text) doesn't show up. Just a blank screen. Any ideas ?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Vincent,

    What you can do is go to UF editor, access the settings for that specific button and create new preset for it.
    The button will get new class based on that preset, for example, if you name the preset popupbutton your button will get this class:
    You can then use that class so popup only opens on buttons that have that custom preset selected.

    Hustle Opt-In (in shortcode version, in the popup text) doesn't show up. Just a blank screen.

    I did some tests and it looks like Hustle shortcode indeed doesn't work within popup content :slight_frown:
    I will report this issue to our developers so they can see what could be done about this, hopefully adding "open on click" option in Hustle so it doesn't require Popup to be used at all :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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