PopUp Pro Dynamic URL Parameter

I run WooCommerce and would like to create a popup for users to leave a review about the products we have. I have a shortcode created that is designed to take a URL parameter (sku={insert_parameter_here}) and auto-populate the form with some information specific to that product. My question is if there is a way to send a dynamic parameter to PopUp Pro for my form's shortcode to have access to.

For example, on each products' page, there is this link:

<a href="?sku=STS205CENT" title="Write a Review for the STS205CENT">WRITE A REVIEW</a>

The "sku" parameter obviously would be different for each page. I would like the PopUp to open based on clicking the link, but also grab the "href" value so that my form's shortcode can access the "sku" parameter through PHP's $_GET[].

I know that I can create a separate PopUp for each product, but currently I have 70+ products and that doesn't seem like a maintainable solution. I'd like one PopUp with the ability to grab a parameter that my shortcode can then utilize.

Is this possible with PopUp Pro? If not directly, can you think of another way to accomplish this?

  • Nastia

    Hello Michael , I hope you are doing well!

    If I understand correctly, you wish to have one shortcode in one PopUp. I haven't tested the dynamic shortcode with the PopUp plugin and I am not sure it will work. Please let me know what plugin you are using to create a dynamic shortcode?

    If it is working, you can add a static URL to "Write a Review" link by enabling the "JavaScript Events" from PopUp Pro > Settings.

    This way the PopUp can appear when a user clicks on a CSS selector like an ID or class. So the Write a Title Link changes to:
    <a id="popup" href="?sku=STS205CENT" title="Write a Review for the STS205CENT">WRITE A REVIEW</a>

    Otherwise, this will need integration between the PopUp, WooCommerce, and the form plugins which is out of the scope that we can provide in our forums. The PopUp will need to read the product's SKU and load the shortcode accordingly. Please feel free to post a job in Pros & Jobs section so a developer can do this for you.

    I hope this helps!


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