PopUp Pro get cropped so is not fine

Hi! i have setting all the popup pro settings.

way: Anonymous Script, i have tried the other ones, all with the same problem

Theme: Divi 2.5.3

Newsletter form and a little of text with a feature image and the popup plugin dont work well.

The preview works fine,

the bottom of the newsletter get cropped, i only could see half the button.

Another thing is how i could put a background image for all the pop up?

I dont know why and i dont know how to fix it!,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Douglas,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I've visited your site and its dasbhoard however I wasn't able to see the popup itself on front-end which is most likely caused by some kind of .htaccess protection interfering site loading process. To visit the site I had to click "Cancel" for browser's password prompt multiple times. Would it be possible that you disable this protection for a time of support?

    I'd like to see and examine the popups CSS style in order to give you some rules that would make an image a full-background.

    As for "partially hidden" button. Please try increasing pop-ups height in its settings (see screenshot).


  • Douglas

    Right now the website is in private mode, there is a lot to do yet because my client have to give me a lot of text and information to add in the website. I hope we could easily fix this talking, if not i will grant access or if you want i could give you the password to the website by mail or anything like that.

    I have done what you have said, and again, same problem but with more height, seems that the footer part of the popup have to have more height, maybe you could give me the id of that part?

    i added a photo!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Douglas!

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I'm not sure if you're aware of this but actually, your site does load and you don't have to login if you cancel the password protection box enough times. That's however just a side note.

    PopUp on front page still doesn't load form. I've been able though to access your dashboard via support access (again, having to cancel protection box a few times) and see the preview of a popup. To add an image as a background to the popup you'll want to

    - upload an image to your media library
    - copy an URL of this image
    - add a custom CSS via the popup's edit screen ("Custom CSS" text box):


    .wdpu-middle {background:url('REPLACE WITH URL OF YOUR IMAGE') top left no-repeat;}

    .wdpmu-msg-inner {background:url('REPLACE WITH URL OF YOUR IMAGE') top left no-repeat;}

    Please use either code #1 or #2. The difference is that the first code will add background to the entire popup except header ("Fencing Spain...") and the second should use entire space.

    As for the "half-visible button". I can see that you've disabled the button for the time being. I've enabled it for the moment just to check but as you said in preview it looks fine. However, the element class name here would be


    so you may want to enable the button again and experiment with this class settings.

    If you need further assistance, let me know please!


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