PopUp Pro plugin problems


We have recently bought the full membership and we have installed the PopUp Pro plugin. So after we have installed the plugin we set up our pop up to be visible on home page only and only if you visit our website from USA IP address. That is how we like it to be.

So from the beginning everything was OK and pop was showing only if visitor comes from US IP address which was very good.

But for some reason now pop up started even to show in Canada as well during certain periods of the time even if we visit website from Canadian IP address pop up still shows but not always. It does that from time to time so it is not good at all.

Same as happening on our test site which is http://www.topbct.ca/bctca/

So I see that inside the plugin there is FREE GEO IP API locator and based on that this plugin works, so maybe problems come from the there.

So please can you help us to resolve this issue and if you want I can give you the access to our test site sou you can try.

But again this problem is showing from time to time which really is not good..

Please help and open the support ticket if necessary .

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Karl,

    I've asked my colleague from Canada to test your site to see if he maybe see the popup, but it didn't show.

    I will have to consult this issue with plugin developer if geolocation service that is used in our plugin gets information based on ISP - because most of the services rely on ISP to get their data and ISP not always provide reliable data. Moreover user can decide to hide his location either through VPN, Tor or other anonymisers.

    Did you check your IP address on page like this one https://freegeoip.net/ to see if it shows correct country?

    kind regards,

  • Karl

    Hello Kasia,

    I am pro PHP developer and believe me I carefully tested the plugin before I sent you the ticket request.

    So here is the situation:

    Popup plugin works perfectly, but sometimes during the day, popup starting to shows in both countries in Canada and USA. It is difficult to catch when exactly that happens but it happens. I had this problem yesterday and also today this morning.

    I had to disable the plugin and then I reactivated again but still I had the problem and then after few hours it popup back to normal.

    I tested both sites, our test site and live site and in both sites problem persisted and then after couple hours pop back to normal, so it was showing normally only in USA

    So that is the problem.
    I know that plugin relies on FREE GEO LOCATION API and maybe problem comes from there, not sure.

    But if you consult the plugin developer maybe he can find the issue.

    For our company is very important that pop up shows only in USA not the Canada since we have a lots of visitors Canada and we cannot rely on VPN.

    Thanks a lot.

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