PopUp Pro Popup still appears after "Never see this message again"

Hi there,

We recently purchased a copy of your PopUp Pro plugin. We needed the ability to stop the popups from appearing after a user closes out of the popup once as we don't want to annoy our visitors.

We installed the PopUp Pro plugin and edited the settings for the particular PopUp.

The following is enabled:
- Add "Never see this message again" link
- Close button acts as "Never See this message again" link
- Expiry time of 10 days
- PopUp shows less than 1

Attached you will find a screenshot which reflects these settings.

Despite the fact that these settings are enabled, users are still repeatedly seeing the popup show.

We have tried clearing system cache & re-installing the plugin. Furthermore, we have changed the method at which the PopUp communicates to the server from Ajax to include with the footer HTML.

Please advise.