popup pro - text garbled before popup appears & padding issue


1. When I create a test popup with a 10 second delay, when visiting the page with an sumsung android (before popup appears), all the body text on the page is garbled (illegible). Then, when the popup displays and I close it, all text is fine. Is this a fix for this issue? Here is the test site with popup:


2. The popup looks fine on a desktop. But again, when on an android, the right text padding in the popup is stripped. I came up with this css to fix the issue:

.wdpu-msg-inner  {
padding-right: 25px !important;

... but I'm concerned that if it's only on android, popup will look bad on other smart phones (too much spacing). Is there is a better method for resolving this issue? I removed the css fix on the test link above so you can see the issue if possible.

Thanks for any help.