Popup settings and open on click

I am trying to follow your instructions for setting up the popup pro but if you see by my screen shots what you have on your site doesn't match what I have in my wordpress site for the setup? Also on the first screen shot (ez-online-tax) you can see what I need to know how to do. I have multiple pages with small images on the left that I need to make clickable popups? Just like on your site, How do I do this?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @Hyperspaceit,

    Welcome to wpmudev.

    The plugin has just recently gone through a overhaul, so the images on the usage guide might still be in the process of being replaced, I have informed the docs team regarding this.

    The show on click rule add-on you see in your screenshot has been combined into the Javascript events add-on. (screenshot 1)

    Once enabled, you will then see a new option in the behaviour section when adding/editing a popup, where you can add the CSS class or id (screenshot 2)

    In the example, i have entered .popup

    So now on your page, you need to make the image clickable

    Then add a class to the anchor tag in your page.

    <a class="popup" href="#"><img src="/path/to/your/image.png" width="200" height="59" /></a>

    Note i called it popup, which is what I entered in the popup selection (you must include the . at the beginning if it's a class element, or a # if it's an id instead)

    Now hopefully, you should see the popup appear when you click the image in your page.

    Hope this helps