Popup showing all the time with don't show again enabled.

I have two Popups. 1 shows on Single Posts & post archive only. 2 shows on the blog page only (it's a WP Page).

Both Popups are set to appear at scroll around 66% of the page. The "no" button and the X in the top right are set to "Close button acts as "Never see this message again" link." See attached screenshot for the settings.

WP Ajax is set for the method of load. I don't want to use another type because of caching issues (plus if I do change it, it doesn't change. See my other help posts here regarding popups not saving because of the cache issues).

I know that closing one will not trigger the cookie for the other. However, both are always showing for me after clicking the "no" or the X to close the popup. They shouldn't show for 90 days.