'Popup shown less than' rule breaks Gravity Form ajax submission

With the rule ‘Popup shown less than n times’ enabled, and the value set to 1 (ie show the popup once only), the submission of an AJAX Gravity Form embedded in the popup is broken.

Gravity Forms correctly handles the request (ie notifications emails are sent etc) but instead of the form refreshing with the AJAX response, (ie the GF confirmation) the form closes. It does this, because the AJAX response is empty.

Examining the ajax request, i see that the submission to the form handler from within the popup gets the _po_method_=raw value appended to it, the class-popover.public.php then sees this value, observes that the form has already been shown once (the limit) and decides to die(), returning an empty response, stripping the confirmation.

Changing the value of the ‘Popup shown less than’ value to 2, instead of 1, fixes the issue.

The setting for form behaviour is correct for an ajax response (ie Refresh popup or do nothing).

To reproduce the issue, adjust the form settings for “Popup shown less than” to 1, flush cookies, and try a submission – the dialog will close when the response is received. Repeat with “Popup shown less than” set to 2, flush cookies, and submit – the confirmation will be seen.

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