Popup specific to type of mobile device?

Is it possible to set a popup to display, only on a specific type of phone? Like one popup for and IOS and another popup for Android?


  • Adam Czajczyk

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    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Currently, our "PopUp Pro" plugin does not support such feature. However there are two add-ons that could help you create workaround for this. Both these workarounds can be enabled on your dashboard's "PopUp" -> "Settings" page.

    Screen Size

    It will not let you target specific devices by brand but being able to target screen sizes precisely you could make use of list similar to this one:


    Browser type

    This is capable of detecting whether user has visited the site on a desktop or laptop computer or with a phone or tablet. Paired with "Screen size" should let you target mobile devices pretty accurately.

    There may be another workaround also. There's a 3rd-party plugin that can detect mobile devices pretty accurately. You will find it here:


    It adds template tags such as "is_iphone()". That said, you could create a custom page template for the page that you'd like to show pop-up on (though in case of homepage it may be a bit tricky) that would include something like this:

    if (is_iphone()) {
    elseif {is_android()) {

    That would be the first part.

    The second part would be to create "content-iphone.php" and "content_android.php" files that would include actual template and would be identical except each would directly call selected pop-up.

    I think the first ("screen size + browser type") solution should work well enough but in case you'd like to give that other option a try let me know and I'll ask plugin developer f there's a way to trigger popup directly from template file.

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