Popups not showing on site - Is it SSL related?


none of our popups are working on our website which uses ssl across the site. The domain is https://www.thebritishweddingawards.com/

As it's a live site I've only made the popup available on the following URL - https://www.thebritishweddingawards.com/contact/voting-contact/

I have installed the plugin on our test site (http://www.giraffetest.co.uk/ it's htaccess protected using user and password of giraffetest) which is non ssl and it worked fine, so I presume this is because the site is running on SSL - What can I do about this as we need it sorted today :slight_frown:

EDIT: I have just tried removing the 's' from the 'https' bit of the URL and it worked fine so the problem is obviously related to this.