PopUp's seem to only work on one page at a time

I installed Popup Pro to control some popups on my site. I have 3 different pages that use popups which fire from a click on a css selector. On each of these pages, it is hit or miss if the popup will fire. If I make any simple change to the popups, then they will fire flawlessly on that page. Once I change to another page, no popups will fire. Again, making a simple change to the popups on that page make them all work, but then the popups on the first page may or may not fire.

The affected pages are:
There are 5 buttons on this page each loads a specific popup

There are three links in the membership section that load specific popups

There is another page:

http://gutzytri.com/team/sponsors , but the buttons that load popups only show when a user is logged in

I will enable support access.