Portalize Theme by Style WP an Itch That Refuses To Go Away

Six months ago I asked the community for help locating a clean copy of the archived Portalize Theme by Style WP, and was unsuccessful locating a copy. So I contacted some folks that are using the theme asking to purchase a copy and they stonewalled my request(s). This is not an issue that is going away for me, so I did a screen capture of its front page and wrote down all of its features; I want to develop a theme framework with some of the Portalize features and some of those I really like from other themes like Blogs MU.

Part of my original problem was that I couldn’t decide if that particular theme was the end all be all theme that I wanted, or was it the features I wanted? Because not all of the Portalize theme options are like likely to be compatible with the current WP build.

For me, this labor of love and learning must be completed to satisfy the itch for the finished product; I am not quite starting at square one when I have both a local host WAMP and Zend servers installed; a pile of new reference books, notes, sketches and faith in our community discussion forum for help when questions arise.

My burning question of the day; can anyone suggest a solid frame work to start with?