Portfolio Page Display - Mobile Loading (Apple)

Hey there,

[First of all, I selected the WPMU DEV Dashboard option in the menu above because that is the only option showing up for me - should all the plugins be showing up here?]

We just recently updated the portfolio (Work) section on our website. It's mostly working well, accept it seems to have a problem loading on apple phones.

This is the page: http://www.htkmarketing.com/our-work/

It loads just fine on the other devices but just seems to keep spinning on iPhones and not loading up. Is this a speed issue? Do you think installing the Hummingbird plugin on the site would help with this? I just signed up for this membership last week so I haven't installed any of your plugins yet, but plan to do so in the future.

Let me know what you think when you have time please.

Thank You,

Mark Huebsch | HTK Marketing
mhuebsch@htkmarketing.com | 218.216.8122