Positive pages not responding anymore


So, for several weeks, I had set up the level “visitor” for any visitor who is not logged in on the site. And in that level, I set up positive pages.

Until at some point today, it was all fine and now, any of the page redirect the visitor to the “join” page, which is the one I set up for anyone to redirected to if they tried accessing members pages.

The weirdest and annoyance in all this is that I haven’t done anything on the backend of the site in 2 maybe 3 days and it was working just fine yesterday. Tried restoring database. Didn’t work.

So what I have done in the meantime is set a negative rule. It does show the pages again however with 2 problems:

-I get an error message at the top of the page. Took a screenshot but don’t know how to attach it to this message.

-It shows members randomly and only active members instead of alphabetical and all members, which is what it is set up to do.