Positive rules are not working correctly?

Hi there,

I have the membership plugin installed and gone through all the settings but am finding the positive rules are not protecting the pages allocated to the member levels?

The navigation names are working in that they don't show the pages under them but if a member is logged out or if anyone finds the indexed link they can access the page(s)

Under Membership > Access Levels I then use menus under Positive Rules to allow each group to see these pages under their respective Positive rules. Unfortunatley these pages can be accessed by anyone if they know the URL (I presume these will also get indexed so they would become public knowledge?)

I added URL groups for Students and Parents then logged out but these protected pages are still open e.g: http://www.stspyridon.nsw.edu.au/careers/apprenticeships-and-training-organizations/

Can anyone make suggestions or suggest a fix other than using the short codes which do work?