Possibilities within pro sites (and / or) whmcs provisioning


I am going hopefully to start a webhosting service which is affiliated with many other services, including premium themes and plugins, as well as tutorials... and surely I found your service very promising. However I have many inquiries regarding the pro sites plugin and other plugins / moduls:

1- does the combination of prosites with other plugins (domain mapping..etc.) allow my customer to establish sophesticated sites (e.g. ecommerce with ssl certificate, forums..etc.)
2- according to your themes and plugins, is it permitted to present them in the public website as part of the premium service customers will receive?
3- is it possible to integrate your whmcs provisioning modul with the pro sites plugin... in a way that whmcs would be the main customer service platform?
4- is it possible for my clients to create databases and sub domains (within cpanel) whether any of your plugins is used or combined?
5- does prosites allow to offer other themes (apart from your themes) as premium themes
6- whether in whmcs provision / pro sites, are there storage restrictions for my clients? is it expandable for each client if needed?
7- does whmcs provision allows automatic wp site setup including the themes and plugins I offer to my clients / it is only a basic wp setup??

Your clear answers would be a big help for me
Thank you very much