Possibility to Add a New Gateway that manually approves registration via email / access code

I was wondering if anyone had some existing code / solution to the problem of offering customers a manual approval gateway as an alternative to the existing Paypal routes?

We're basically looking for the option for people to pay via paypal or for them to be able to select an alternative gateway that would result in their membership request being sent in by email (to our CRM system) for us to either manually approve (if they are one of our customers already) or for us to contact them to secure payment / subscription over the phone etc.

There I suppose is also the option that this could be done via API with various CRM systems as well as email - I suppose what I'm envisaging / suggesting is a range of alternative gateways that allow people to signal their interest to sign up and begin that conversation / process with us but that don't demand payment straight away - anybody got any ideas / existing solutions to this problem?

Or can I flag it as a feature request?

Thanks very much in anticipation of your support,


  • Fjbisset

    Thanks Phil,
    Look forward to hearing more.

    The more I think about it, and conceptually at least, this shouldn't be too difficult as there must be code sitting around within the wordpress install that fulfils this sort of functionality i.e. allows a user to start the sign up process but then have that sign up process approved by the site admins. As a first step towards a solution to this problem this would be ok, so just some indication of what code to copy and paste into a custom gateway that references or duplicates this sort of functionality would be brilliant.

    Beyond that, anything that integrates / might help us automate this process more fully, or that might enable us to authenticate users against our existing user datebase (or via some sort of email domain based whitelist) that could then automatically approve accounts for any of our existing customers based upon their email domains would be great. Any further thoughts / ideas / solutions gratefully received.

    And thanks for being so responsive in picking this up.


  • Fjbisset

    I've been looking at this a bit further and wonder if there is a slightly more straightforward solution:

    The process as I interpret it is this:

    1. User hits the Account Creation Screen and is asked for UName and Pword & (with buddypress) the Profile Info.

    - Account gets created but is not active
    - Ping gets sent

    2. User has to select subscription type (and go through the respective gateway for account to be activated)

    - Account gets activated
    - Ping gets sent
    - Confirmation Email sent to User


    Building on my above thoughts in this thread, might it be possible to setup a gateway for our 'Existing Customers' that effectively informs the user that their account is pending approval and either sends an email or ping to the admin's inbox or a CRM system that notifies our staff that we need to approve an account. When that is done, obviously step two kicks in as it would if they had completed the Paypal payment in the Paypal gateway.


    The user's email address is authenticated against a whitelist of our existing users (this could be within the wordpress install or seperate db and if the user's email address is consistent with one of our existing customers email domains the account could be activated as it is at the completion of any other gateway?


    Look forward to hearing any thoughts / advice / code that anyone might have to help enable these solutions.


  • Mason

    Hiya F,

    For this specific a scenario you're looking at some custom development. There are some 'stock' plugins that provide user signup moderation, but none that are integrated into a 'membership' plugin such as ours.

    For instance, theme my login allow for user registration moderation:
    http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/theme-my-login/ (though it hasn't been updated for 3.2+ yet so don't know that it will be fully-supported).

    You may want to request a quote or contact a member on this site to get some help coding something like this. check out the job boards here:


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