Possible big load of users

So, as I work on editing my theme the way I want it a thought occured to me as my site... has the potential... hopefully.... of drawing major amounts of viewers so speed is a concern as well as everything else... not to mention I wanna list high on google so once again speed....

Since Im doing a lot of work in the header.php for instance... how much faster does static load then dynamic... I mean if I hardcode for instance my menu system into the header would I see much improvement over using the menu system in wordpress, not to mention if I have to try to get some custom php variable into a file somewhere.

  • DavidM

    Hi LCDist,

    From a technical standpoint, a hard-coded menu would be faster than a dynamically generated one but I'm not aware myself of how stark the difference would be.

    I just found an article mentioning hard-coding the menu among a few other items such as your main site's name for instance.

    Very interesting considerations that would seem to work well as a whole for your main site, though of course, changes in your menus or otherwise hard-coded elements would always have to be hard-coded again.

    Just to mention, another consideration I've seen make some rather drastic differences in loading times is CDN usage for media.


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