Possible BP Links conflict?

I'm having trouble getting BP-Links to work on my site. I've tried disabling plugins one by one and retrying...no luck. I'm just wanting to make sure it's not a conflict with BP-Daily.

Has anyone with BP Daily got BP Links working on their site?

When I hit "Fetch Site Details" (while creating a link), nothing happens. No freezing, whitescreen, or errors...just nothing.


  • Tammie

    @gregfielding: And have you tried the default theme and without other plugins on? Have you also done these steps I see in the post:

    How do I customize the default templates?

    To override only certain templates from the bp-links-default theme directory,
    create a directory named “bp-links-default” in your child theme,
    and replace the template using the EXACT same path AND filename.

    To create a totally custom theme in order to completely bypass any core links
    themes you will need to define a custom theme name.

    For example, if your active WordPress theme is ‘bluesky’, and you wanted
    to define your links theme as ‘links-custom’, you would put your files in:


    And in wp-config.php you would place this define statement:

    define( ‘BP_LINKS_CUSTOM_THEME’, ‘links-custom’ )

    To find out which template files are required to exist, do a recursive search for ‘bp_links_load_template’

    Also aren't there possibilities of a) 1.2.4 causing issues and b) a plugin you state in that activity stream? You have to bare in mind I'm just catching up here as to what is what.

    I will repeat something I have before - a theme is not going to usually in 99% of the time cause issues / conflicts and that 1% is very very rare. You seem to think it's theme related fairly often as you did before and it turned to not be so before this spirals like before I would like the theme to not be looked at until it's ascertained that nothing else could be the culprit. You can't blame me for wanting to see the lowest denominator working first.

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