possible bug in New Blog Templates plugin

Ok, I am just gonna get straight to the point and give WPMUDEV admin access for this one so you can see what is going on.

I have New Blog Templates on and when creating a new blog and going to the dashboard (wp-admin/index.php), the screen options and help tab is broken. When I click it, instead of it sliding down, it just adds
"#contextual-help-wrap" to the end of the URL, and "#screen-options-wrap" to the end of the URL when clicking the screen options tab. The tabs do not open though. This only happens when on the main dashboard. When in other menu's in the dashboard it seems to work fine. Also while on the main dashboard "/index.php" when I hover over the left side menu, the sub-menus do not show up.

This only happens to a blog created with the blog templates.

I have supplied support access to my site. Please let me know if you can replicate this issue. I have also tried deactivating plugins to see if this is the problem but I cant seem to figure it out. It only happens when a blog is created with the template.

The actual template site i am using is working fine.

Please advise,