possible bug with HTML email templates and multisite

Just installed that via the dashboard and found that it wasn't being listed in my main site, but only on the network level. Just have one site at the moment, so I went ahead and network activated, but thought I'd mention it in case it's an actual bug of some kind.

Support Access is on if anyone wants to poke around.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Peter,

    I hope you're well today!

    I've logged into your dashboard and sent both newsletters to my test e-mail. Both look exactly the same as in preview mode in your dashboard, although in both cases I had to enable "Show images" first in my inbox. This however is a quite common requirement, especially for the web-based e-mail clients!

    That being said, could you confirm the issue and possibly throw me a screenshot here of that "broken formatting message"?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Peter.

    I hope you're well today and I'm sorry for the delay here!

    I've run some additional test on my sandbox WP install, still I'm getting properly formated e-mails. That said I took a liberty of accessing your dashboard once again, I've sent another test messages from your site to my test address.

    Please take a look at the "html-mail1.png" image. That's the "single line of text" that you get, I guess.
    On "html-mail2.png" you can see what I get. The difference is that the first e-mail was sent from

    Settings -> HTML Email Template -> Test Email

    and the second one from

    eNewsletter -> Newsletters -> (test newsletter) -> Test Email

    Actually none of those mails looks like the "iLetter" template was used. However, both seem to use "resonate.is" template that's setup as a default template for eNewsletter. Even if I paste the original "iLetter" template's code to the text box on "Settings" -> "HTML Email Template" page it still uses the "resonate.is" template.

    This is because the "resonate" is the only template setup for Mandrill and Mandrill does take control over the entire system. So, I think we've got our mystery solved. Take a look please at the "html-mail3.png" screenshot and let me know if it's okay.

    There's a setting on Mandrill's config page that seems to be necessary on your setup to make HTML templates work find:

    [Resonate site] Settings -> Mandrill page -> Content option: "Replace all line feeds ("\n":wink: by in the message body?"

    I switched it on and I it seems it fixed the problem. Let me know please if it's all right now!


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