Possible caching issue continues to cause page errors

Hey guys,

I really need some insight.

It seems the following issue has occurred ever since our server was upgraded to Litespeed 5.0.5 with support for HTTP/2. We have a VPS.

Also, the problem occurs on our only site that has an SSL certificate.

The following errors keep showing up when going to pages via any browser:

This webpage is not available
The webpage at (MY NOTE: IT CAN BE ANY PAGE ON THE SITE) might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

We're having trouble displaying this page.
We're having trouble with the page you're trying to reach and can't open it right now.
Try the following: Refresh the page or try again later.

If I hold down the shift key and reload the page, the proper page will come up.

I have W3 Total Cache & Cloudflare on all sites on the server, including the site in question.

The settings for both cache tools are the same as on our other sites.
I have purged the cache entirely on W3 Total Cache & Cloudflare for the site many times trying to solve this.

I have also deleted all cache contents on all browsers.

The problem continues to appear.

All browsers are the most recent: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera.

The final oddity is the page may show up okay in say Chrome sometimes, but not in Opera or another browser. If I hit shift & reload, the page comes up.

I'm lost...ideas?