Possible code issue in "my custom css" for theme changes

I have a multisite and have been working on one of the sites. I put a blogmu theme on this one and have been working on it for several weeks. The plugins I have on this site have been the same plugins I have had for over a year and there have been no compatibility issues with them. This site also worked fine for the first part of my making changes to it. Recently, it has been misbehaving by not loading quickly or at all. All of my other sites load up just fine. And I can access the dashboard of this site from the network admin dashboard.

I have had my host in checking out everything from their side and they report no problems. One server tech said that it could be the result of bad code somewhere. And that got me thinking. Recently I had a wpmu tech help me with adding "my custom css" to adjust some of the colors for the theme. This is the only thing that would be different from the other sites. Is this possible and could I have one of you take a look at it to see?

the site in question is: entrepreneurcommunityonlineresourcecenter.com

on theecoaccelerator.com multisite

I have granted access, and thanks in advance. Linda @iempoweru