Possible conflict between Avatars plugin and Easy Blogging plugin

We have both the easy blogging plugin and the avatars plugin installed.

If a user is using the wizard mode through easy blogging and they try to upload an avatar through the avatar plugin then they get to the page to crop the avatar after uploading it and are immediately redirected to their profile page before they can crop the avatar.

I had a similar problem with the link from the profile page to upload the user avatar which I managed to fix by adding “wp-admin/wp-admin/” to the beginning of that link if wizard mode was active (I’m not sure why exactly that works but it does seem to work) but the upload doesn’t seem to be the same problem.

From what I can figure out, the wizard mode is redirecting pages that it can’t find in its steps to a page that it can find, but that’s just a guess so far. I’ve tried to find where it does this in the plugin to see if I could change it but I haven’t had any luck yet.

This is happening with both the blog avatar and the user avatar.

Both the blog avatar and the user avatar work fine with easy mode active and wizard mode deactivated and they both work fine without easy mode or wizard mode active (just the regular admin screen)

we’re using wordpress version 3.2.1 with both plugins network installed, Version 3.5.6 for Avatars, and Version 3.1.5 of Easy Blogging.

If anybody could point me in the right direction to modify the plugin to stop redirecting or, even better, if there’s an option somewhere that will stop the redirecting or even skip the cropping step then I would be grateful.