Possible Jquery Problem

I am having many issues with this plugin, using send the plugin only sends one email at a time and says ‘ok’

Is this what is meant to happen or could it be a jquery issue, what would be the point of the progress bar if it was only sending one at a time?

I am using a twenty eleven child theme and have a membership plugin which uses jquery as well, when I activate e-newsletter it messes up the layout of the membership plugin.

I am reluctant to deactivate the membership plugin as there are many settings that will be lost and members will not be able to login as the pages have re-directs.

Before the plugin is activated:

After the plugin is activated:


I have tested in a vanilla twenty eleven theme, with all plugins de-activated and three users, the progress bar worked just fine, it looks like the plugin is affected by the jquery of other themes and plugins.

My childtheme has google font script, 1040 css script, google+1 script, and an admin options ui script, I will check these one by one over the weekend, the membership plugin layout would not be a problem as I would just deactivate e-newsletter after each batch!

If this cannot be addressed, then I will have to look for another newsletter plugin or external mail website service.