possible missing "sign up" link in nav menu


using the default CoursePress theme there is no "sign up" link in the default menu.
is this how it is by default ?

i ask for a couple reasons;
- this is an obvious/important link and i just assume it would be there in the default theme/menu.
- in a local test site using the Kleo theme i see options in the menu for CoursePress (screenshot), but its not available in the same menu section of another site using the default theme or even other "twenty" WP themes.

i see there is a "create an account" link on the login page which goes to the signup page which is great.
but if i create my own link for sign up it won't have an icon to match the default CoursePress theme in the main nav.

i have "display menu items" selected in the CoursePress settings.

i am also thinking this may be dynamic but even when logged out i do not see any signup in the menu.

1 - shall i delete and reinstall the plugin or is it that this sign up simply is not part of the default menu ?
2 - how is it that i see extra options in the menu for Kleo theme and not other themes ?

kind regards,