Possible to allow checkout after a deposit is taken??

Hi all,

We are setting up a new site and was thinking of using the Marketpress plugin for part of it but we have a specific requirement....

We need to be able to set a product with a cost of £x but allow the person to check out with that product by paying only a deposit.

The idea being that the products are special 'off the shelf' commissions that the customer wants to buy. The workflow is:

* They visit the site and choose a commission
* They purchase the commission product with a 50% deposit
* We receive the order and start the commission
* Once complete and ready to ship, the customer pays the outstanding amount
* we ship

We aren't worried about the store managing the remainign payment, we just need to have the store show a £x amount on the store but when checking out it only charges them the deposit amount.

Is this possible out of the box???

I know there is a 'sale' feature but we don't want to use that, although I suppose we could make some changes to it to rename the 'sale' label to 'Deposit' and change the css to stop any price 'cross outs' there may be on sale items but was wondering if this was already possible.