Possible to close contact form 7 form when click on "send"?

I use contact form 7 on my second made website with upfront. I permitted acces for this. I also use a plugin to have a new popup with "thanks" when you filled in the form. But the contact form 7 stays, even when you finished the form. I wonder if it is possible the form closes itself when u click on "send". Of course i still want to see the popup with "thanks" after.

  • Michael Bissett
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    Hey rhdawson, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    What comes to mind for the page in question:


    Is rather than using the Lightbox functionality that Upfront provides, an alternative method is used instead:

    #1: Create a new preset for your button, noting down the name of it (we'll need it in a moment).

    #2: Install our PopUp Pro plugin:


    And once installed, go to:

    PopUp -> Settings

    And ensure the following:
    - "Load PopUp using" is set to "WordPress AJAX"
    - The box for "JavaScript Events" is checked (if it's not, check it, and save the settings afterwards)

    #3: Inside of your popup, in the "Behavior" section, set "When to show the PopUp:" to "Appear when user clicks on a CSS selector".

    As to what needs to be entered into the field, that's where the preset you created earlier comes in... the format for entering it would look like this:


    (with presetname being replaced with the name of your preset, make sure it's written in lowercase)

    Once that's all set up, you should be good to go here! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Michael Bissett
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    Hey @rhdawson,

    It would be the name of the preset itself, like this:

    (I took the liberty of creating a preset here, in case you're wondering why it wasn't there before; the element styles of pre-Upfront 1.0 are now presets)

    I've gone ahead and set up a popup with the contact form you had set up previously in a lightbox, and can see that it's visible on the page when the button's clicked, and that your "Thank you" popup also displays on the page as well.

    You may wish to style the popup itself further, CSS customizations for the popup itself can be inserted into the "Custom CSS" box for a popup:

    Kind Regards,

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